How to Donate?

You can donate to The Kindness Pantry in one of 5 easy ways:

1. Shop respective schools' Amazon wishlists

    • Locate a school’s wishlist on our page (Elementary, Middle and High)
    • During checkout, choose the “Gift Registry” address option – this delivers your donation directly to the school!

2. Donate to The Kindness Pantry via PayPal 

PayPal Donate

You can use at:*

3. Donate to The Kindness Pantry via Venmo

Venmo is a mobile payment platform owned by PayPal. It's easy to use and was designed specifically for mobile phone users. Here is how simple it is to donate to The Kindness Pantry via Venmo:
  1. Sign-up and Download Venmo - click here for set-up instructions
  2. Click on the "Pay or Request" button in the Venmo app
  3. Type in the following recipient: @TheKindnessPantry and hit return/enter
  4. You should see "The Kindness Pantry" in the results list - click on it
  5. Type in the dollar amount you wish to donate; notes are optional but are always welcome!
  6. Click "Pay"
  7. Thank You!

4. Join us on Amazon Smile!



 5. Take donations to school:

    • If you choose to shop elsewhere, you can bring a donation into the school office
    • Just mark the supplies with a sticky note labeled “Kindness Pantry”

6. Help Assemble School Supply Kits

If your child, organization, or neighborhood would like to assemble school supply kits as a community service project, please email us for details: Each kit will help one student have the supplies they need to succeed in school!

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