We have truly loved being able to ask for a need for our students and then having it happen! It is amazing how these small items have made such a big difference!  Thank you for creating the Kindness Pantry and thank you to all the volunteers that have supported this wonderful community project-
Alesia Richter, School Counselor
Swansfield Elementary School

On behalf of the staff and students at Swansfield Elementary we want to send a BIG Thank You for helping to organize the donation of school supplies.  We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the individuals and PTAs who have sent donations our way.  

-Laurel Porter, Principal

Swansfield Elementary School
Thank you for bringing your idea of the Kindness Pantry to Howard County Schools.  We are honored to be the catalyst to this wonderful initiative. You are helping so many students and we are all very grateful! 

-Beth Shields, School Counselor
Fulton Elementary School

Thank you so much for your coordination with FEI to donate beautiful new supplies for our students! We have a very transient population and new students arrive daily. It is nerve-wracking enough starting a new school let alone doing it with no supplies, but thanks to these donations we can set these kids up immediately with the supplies to help them be successful. Teachers are grateful too to have extra pencils and glue sticks to have on hand since everything seems to disappear mid-year ;). Thank you so much, we appreciate you!
 -Jennifer Carlson, School Counselor
Stevens Forest Elementary

Thank you so much for your coordination and thank you to all of the generous donors that made these juicy pouches of supplies for our neediest students. Who wouldn't want to do their homework with these new supplies?! We appreciate all that you are doing for students in our community. 
-Carolyn Wohnsigl, School Counselor
Deep Run Elementary School

Thank you again for this awesome opportunity to assist our local schools in some small way. Lawrence Whittaker, PC works with many families and advocates for children in a variety of the areas of law that we practice, so we like to focus our community giving on programs that involve or benefit children.  I appreciate that you have made that so easy for my firm and me.
-Lorraine Whittaker

Howard County Families for Education Improvement’s mission is to ensure every child in Howard County has access to an outstanding education, and, like the Kindness Pantry, believes every child deserves a chance to succeed. Therefore, FEI was proud to partner with the Kindness Pantry to donate needed supplies and snacks for the students of Stevens Forest ES.
-Hemant Sharma, FEI Executive Board Member

We are grateful for all of the amazing efforts of The Kindness Pantry! It's all about Howard County schools helping Howard County schools!
-Justin Fitzgerald, Principal
Guilford Elementary School

The Kindness Pantry has been a welcomed and greatly appreciated resource for our school supply and snack needs!  The organization is a well-oiled machine, requiring minimal time and effort from the school-based coordinator. During the school year when needs are high and time is limited, The Kindness Pantry does a beautiful job of effectively connecting school communities with much needed resources. We are so grateful for the kindness behind the amazing donations we have already received!  
-Tricia Adkinson, School Counselor
Waterloo Elementary School 

I want to take the time out to say thank you for all of the wonderful supplies and snacks for our scholars! It is so sweet! To see the faces of our scholars light up when they receive them is simply amazing! We truly appreciate everything that you are doing for our community! 
-Ashley S. Armstead, School Counselor
Bryant Woods Elementary School

Thank you for donating school supplies to Bollman Bridge! At this point in the year, many of our supplies are well-used and students are in need of replacement items. The Kindness Pantry has given us resources to begin the second semester with fresh supplies. This generosity has helped support our teachers and students in a meaningful way!  
Lynsay Gillis, School Counselor
Bollman Bridge Elementary

The students and families at Longfellow ES send huge hugs to everyone at the Kindness Pantry!  Your generosity enabled our students to receive needed school supplies and enjoy yummy snacks at our after school program.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ❤
-Lori Jenner, School Counselor
Longfellow Elementary School

Thank you so much for the three ring binders, cheez- it snacks and hand sanitizers! We are so amazed and grateful for the generosity of others. Thank you again from all of us at Bonnie Branch Middle!
Kathy T. Mitchell
Bonnie Branch Middle School

On behalf of myself, staff, students and the community of Harper’s Choice Middle School, we thank you for your generous donations toward our food pantry. We appreciate the assistance that you have provided for our students, families and community. Thank you again for supporting Harper’s Choice.

Adam Eldridge, Principal

Harper’s Choice MS

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